The BICOBeast Rotary Steerable System Driver Motor brings more strength with the all-new Hyper Performance Mud Lubricated Drilling Motor specifically designed for the unique challenges of Rotary Steerable Assist applications.


Ultra Performance SpiroStar Supreme power sections (SSS50, SSS100, SSS120, SSS1500)

  • Consistent speed across the power band and doesn't fade away while drilling
  • Greater temperature rating and range for a given rotor stator fit
  • Also available with legacy Spirostar power sections for additional options for speed and flow

Flexible Shaft specifically designed to handle the torque and power of the SpiroStar Supreme

  • Acts as a torque dampener to reduce negative effects of slip stick drilling conditions
  • Greatly improved overpull capacity, protecting expensive RST BHA in the unlikely event of motor housing failure

Flex Housing provides greater more consistent BUR, and reduces stress on all BHA connections

B5M Bearing Section designed to handle the increased power and torque of the SpiroStar Supreme (Up to 19,000 ft-lbs & 850 HP for record breaking ROP)

  • State of the art TaperLoc Ultra Low Wear radial bearings
  • High capacity, Long life, thrust bearings
  • Driveshaft retention safety system

Top Sub that is bored for float and incorporates rotor catch safety system