BICO Drilling Tools, Inc. designs and manufactures standard and customized equipment including down hole drilling motors, drilling jars, shock absorbers, stators, and hole opening equipment.

BICO’s success comes from the strength of our products and as equally important, the dedication of our employees. Our management, marketing, and engineering team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with experience in bringing cost effective solutions to our customer’s challenges.

This innovative approach combined with our extensive range of motors allows BICO to excel in solving real world problems while continually exceeding our client’s expectations.

Service is priority one at BICO with certified maintenance facilities strategically located in both domestic and international locations. BICO has the flexibility to meet customer’s specific needs regardless of the application. We maintain a large fleet of motors in order to provide quick response support for even the toughest directional, horizontal, and performance drilling applications

BICO is customer driven and we work closely with our clients to understand their unique needs. We offer flexible rental, lease, lease-purchase, or purchase options. At BICO, we constantly strive to improve the service quality of our motors through continuous engineering, unsurpassed technical support, and efficient computerized inventory management.