BICOBlazer breaks previous offset record in the Middle East Rub Objective: Drill 8 1/2" Curved Section Run Challenge: Directionally drilling the curved section Overcome previous record challenge Solution: BICOBlazer 61/2" with SSS100 7/8 5.0 SprioStar Supreme (TM) EVEN WALL (R) power section & 1.5" bend setting 3/8" Under Guage Stabalizer or kickpad

June, 2021

Back-to-Back Record Wells

Saved Operator 2 days- $120,000
12-1/4" (Hole Size) 9-5/8" SSS100(motor config)
6522'(footage) 191.5 (ROP)
8-3/4" (Hole Size) 7" SSS100 (motor config)
3261'(footage) 250.8 (ROP) 3261'

May, 2021

BICO Drills Lateral in a Single Run

BICOBeast 6-3/4” SSS100 B5 Motor delivers exceptional performance, saving valuable time downhole

April, 2021

BICO 9-5/8” PDM Motor breaks record in the Middle East

March, 2021

BICOBeast 7” SSS100 TD’s well in Reeves County, Texas, breaking previous customer ROP record!

February, 2021

Another BICOBeast 7" SSS100 RECORD RUN in Midland County, achieving 450'/HR Average

January, 2021

BICOBeast ™ CRUSHES surrounding offset wells in the Wolfcamp A Formation in Loving County, Texas

December, 2020

BICOBeast ™ averaged 21’/hr MORE than the competition!

November, 2020

BICOBlazer™ Breaks RECORDS in the Middle East with our 6.50 7/8 5.0 PDM

October, 2020

BICOBeast shaves 5 hours from our previous offset and 20+ hours from other offsets in the Lower Sprayberry in Midland County

September, 2020

BICO’s economical 6-3/4” SS100 PDM, the BICOBlazer ™ provides proven performance in the harshest drilling conditions in Western Siberia, Russia

July, 2020

BICOBeast 6.50 SSS100 achieves BEST IN CLASS Curve Run in the Stack in Oklahoma

June, 2020

RSS Assist in the DJ Basin with our BICOBeast 7” SSS100 achieves single run TD!

May, 2020