SpiroStar Supreme (SSS) is the next generation of Evenwall™ power section technology. The original BICO SpiroStar power sections and motors have become the standard of excellence that other have attempted to imitate over the past ten years in both the thru tubing, production and drilling segments of the oil and gas industry. SpiroStar Supreme represents a significant advancement in power section performance with the introduction of many new, innovative features.

Less Rubber Means Better Performance

All SpiroStar Supreme power sections have approximately 30% less rubber than previous generation SpiroStar stators. This results in 35-60% more power than similarly configured SprioStar power sections current on the market! The thinner layer of rubber will enhance both power and overall performance in harsh applications such as high temperatures, nitrogen rich (underbalanced) environments or oil-based mud systems. The thinner layer of rubber further reduces the probability of chunking due to hysteresis. In applications where chunking is still encountered, the reduced rubber content mitigates the probability of plugged jet nozzles or watercourses that can cause expensive BHA trips.

More Power Results in Fewer Stalls

Dyno testing has confirmed that SpiroStar Supreme power sections maintain speed, and stall less when compared to other high performance power sections. Experience in the field tests have proven that consistent RPM and enhanced power reduce stalls up to 40%. The reduction in stalls has provided significant economic savings to operators in terms of more drilling time and more efficient milling operations. By reducing the overall number of motor stalls operators have experienced significant economic savings due to a reduction in the number of bending cycles on thru tubing applications.

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